Upcoming mission: We Fall, They Die

In Over Their Heads

The adventures and misadventures of a squad of Imperial Guard troopers, far from the comfortably familiar dangers of the semi-irradiated death-world they call home and thrust into the middle of a war light years across the galaxy, against aliens, traitors and things from Beyond.

With little chance of survival, and even less of ever seeing the acidic oceans and oxide covered shores of their home again, they must rely on camaraderie, black humour and as much firepower as an infantry unit can possibly muster to see them through. And faith in the Emperor, too. Obviously.

Outnumbered? Usually!

Outgunned? Frequently!

Outmanoeuvred? Never!

The information below might save your life. It also might just confuse you.

This is you…

You are a trooper of the Imperial Guard, tithed from your homeworld alongside countless others to wage the Emperor’s wars across the endless battlefields of the galaxy. It is your job, your duty to the Emperor and to humanity itself to drive back that horrors that threaten from all sides and from within.

You are the first, last, and often only line of defence that protects the Imperium from complete destruction.

You are the Imperial Guard.

Selected wiki content…

Mostly unclassified!

Locations contacted by the 28th Chalkydrian

Imperial Guard Clearance Level Informatorium. Planets, bases and infrastructure with clearance for Standard Gaurd Units.

Regiment Structure

Regimental Details

The history, operations and structure of the 28th Chalkydrian Drop Regiment.

Who’s who, who’s your boss and who the hell are you?

Drop your socks and grab your throttle.


Remember to recite the Litany of the Pilot (refer to the Emperor’s Benedictions) when operating any vehicle to ensure that the Machine Spirit is aware of your intentions.

Choose your weapon.

Regimental Standard Kit

Laspistols to autocannons.

Flamers to frag grenades.

Grav-chutes to respirators.

It’s all here, to wield in the Emperor’s name.

Pain builds character.

Character Development Department

Here you will find all the material you need to build your character and also improve it through rigorous experience and the litanies to our glorious God-Emperor!

Point the exploding part to the enemy.

Combat Adminstratum Centorum

Here you will find all the cheat sheets needed to successfully survive any encounter with heretics, xenos, mutants, renegades, rebels and any other manner of scum that would stain the glory of the Imperium of Man.

Boost your morale with these classic sanctioned audio files!

A.M. Radio

Audio-Morale Radio is here to boost your troops! All files are sanctioned by the Officio Prefectus and guaranteed to lift even the most weak of spirits.

Your comrades in arms.

Regimental Roll Call

The band of brothers and sisters that keep you alive are like a family. A stable, supportive, family; entirely absent of ANY toxic dysfunction and all pre-approved by the Departmento Munitorum!

Tales from the Spinward Front…

“For an age, no one cared about the Periphery or the cold reaches beyond its borders. The light of the Emperor just never really shone this far. Now the Orks want it, the Secessionists want it, the Eldar want it, and even those powers we don’t name want it. Stands without reason that after all this time, after centuries of not caring, the Imperium should decide it wants the Periphery after all…”

This is the Spinward Front, where the Imperium of Man wages war across many worlds, fighting rebels, native xenos and other threats. The millions upon millions of Emperor-fearing subjects of these worlds are relying on you – the men and women of the Imperial Guard – to hold the line, drive back the alien and the heretic, and bring their worlds back into the Emperor’s light.

An extremely thorough background on your new home can be found here.


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We They Fall Die?

Welcome to the 28th Chalkydrian!